PIECO is a product improvement and engineering company. The things we make help other machines and systems work better.

For 40 years, PIECO Incorporated has been providing customers in multiple industries with a full line of Surface Grinding and Sharpening solutions. PIECO offers direct sales and service to all fifty states and multiple countries.

We have built our reputation on providing a wide variety of high quality products and services while focusing on developing products to improve quality, efficiency and profit margins. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer care and service that complements the great products we manufacture.

A Focus on Commercial Meat Processing

Part of the PIECO team specializes in the commercial meat processing industry. For thirty years, PIECO Incorporated has been working with processing facilities of all sizes, improving their products through innovative, engineered solutions. We have a vast knowledge of the meat industry, and our systems help our customers set themselves apart.

Besides sharpening and grinding solutions, the patented PIECO Reclaim system is designed to reduce the potential for bacteria growth and cross-contamination by allowing the reclaimed product to blend into the main batch as the main batch is being processed.

Our continuing commitment to address food safety concerns has been the driving force behind our revolutionary products.

We are grateful for your interest in our company, our products, and our values. Please call or email us. We would feel honored to help and know that you won’t be disappointed.

Our Purpose

To leverage our God-given talents toward engineering and manufacturing great products, and to help our customers improve their products. In doing so we provide opportunities for our team members to grow personally. We also provide the opportunity to bless people in our community as well as around the world.

Jesse Lewin of PIECO

Our Values

Love: Love and care for the people we work with and serve.

Integrity: Serve our customers and help our team members in an honorable and trustworthy way.

Excellence: Strive to do our best with the time and talents God has entrusted us with.

Team: Work patiently and lovingly with each other to provide the best possible service and products to our customers.

Courage: Boldly pursue new ideas while thinking outside of the normal path.

Joy: Enjoy the experience of providing blessings to others while helping exceptional customers and working with great team members.