1200 Rotary Surface Grinder

Equipped with a 12″ diameter electromagnetic chuck and an 8″ grinding wheel, the PIECO 1200 is a heavy-duty machine with the ability to do off-center grinding. With a state-of-the-art control system, 7 1/2 HP motor, and integrated coolant system, PIECO knows that this versatile machine will be the workhorse for your shop.

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Easy-to-Use Controls
48" Wide x 60" Deep x 72" Tall
PIECO 1200 Rotary Surface Grinder
Powerful Grind Motor
12" Diameter
Electromagnetic Chuck
(Not pictured)
Precision Wheel
Rotary Magnet 1
12" Rotary
Swing Radius 1
10" Max Swing
5 HP Motor
7.5 HP Motor
Epoxy Primer and Paint
Powder Coat
Plates 1
Up to 14"
Diameter Plates
Coolant System 1
Coolant System
Precision Linear Bearings
Precision Linear
Retractable Wheel
Wheel to Sharpen

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