Project Description

PIECO 1200 Rotary Surface Grinder


The PIECO 1200 Rotary Surface Grinder is a heavy duty grinder designed with the ability to retract the grinding wheel off of the centerline of the magnet, allowing you to grind uncoated commercial meat grinding plates with a hub on the center of them.

Equipped with a 12” diameter Electromagnetic Chuck, you can feel confident that your plates will be ground flat every time by not having to hold them in an inconsistent chucking system.

With a state-of-the-art control system, 7-1/2 HP motor, and powder coat finish, PIECO knows that this will be a versatile machine that will be a workhorse for your shop.


In meat processing, sharp meat grinding plates ensure consistent product quality throughout each shift and require less energy to operate.

Main Features

Plate Size: Up to 14″ diameter plates
Magnet: 12″ diameter electromagnet
Max Swing Diameter: 20″
Coolant System: Self-contained


  • Dixie
  • Handimann
  • Marlen
  • Rome
  • V-Mag
  • Weiler
  • Wolfking

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