Project Description

PIECO 1600 Rotary Surface Grinder


The PIECO 1600 Rotary Surface Grinder is our largest rotary surface grinder, designed with the ability to retract the grinding wheel off of the centerline of the magnet, allowing you to grind components with a hub on the center of them.

Equipped with a 16” diameter Electromagnet Chuck, you can feel confident that your uncoated commercial meat grinding plates will be ground flat every time by not having to hold them in an inconsistent chucking system.

With a state-of-the-art control system, 10 HP motor, and powder coat finish, PIECO knows that this powerhouse will meet the demands of a wide variety of shops and applications.


In meat processing, sharp meat grinding plates ensure consistent product quality throughout each shift and require less energy to operate.

Main Features

Plate Size: Up to 18″ diameter plates
Magnet: 16″ diameter electromagnet
Max Swing Diameter: 20″
Coolant System: Self-contained


  • Dixie
  • Handimann
  • Marlen
  • Rome
  • V-Mag
  • Weiler
  • Wolfking

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