PIECO Custom Grinding Plates and Technologies for Proprietary Meat Processing


Think about the differences you experience at a number of widely recognizable restaurant chains or with brand name foods from your grocer. This could mean a custom burger blend or a particular shape or texture of the sausage on pizzas or in soups.

Custom PIECO grinding plates may have played a part.

The differences you experience are proprietary recipes for food service, restaurants and frozen foods. This means we routinely work under non-disclosure agreements, so your trade secrets are safe with us.

You decide the mix of cuts that go into the grinder. Then let the custom PIECO grinding plates help you create a shape and texture that people can’t find anywhere else. This is how you build a brand, and a following.

Ready to help your foods stand out? Call us at 800-334-3929 and let’s get to work on a custom meat grind plate for you. With over 30 years of experience in the meat processing business and R&D, let us help you move your ideas from your test kitchen to market and create a true competitive advantage.