IFS Series – Bone Collector Plate

for GEA ComboGrind 1500/250 Grinder

The PIECO IFS Series plate system was initially developed upon customer request to drastically increase foreign and hard particle collection in the Wolfking CFD MD85 (now known as the GEA ComboGrind 1500/250) grinder. We have done just that. The PIECO IFS Series plate system transforms the GEA ComboGrind 1500/250 design into a more effective grind system, increasing productivity and improving the performance of your product.

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250 MM Diameter
IFS Bone Collector Plate
Insert Knife and
Solid Knife Available

Precision-Made in the USA
Designed to Maximize Output
Designed to Maximize Hard Particle Elimination
Engineered to Fit Perfectly in Your Equipment
Premium Grade Steel

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