Project Description


Precision for Poultry

Providing traceability, maximized yield returns, and superior consumer experience in flavor, juiciness, and tenderness.

The versatile design of the PIECO Reclaim P allows for installation between different styles of grinders when processing Deboned Drums, Thighs, Wings, and Trim. Assembly is quick and easy, and it requires virtually no additional floor space. It produces a high-quality natural ground product with increased flavor and tenderness which helps ground poultry become the star of any plate, even when compared to beef and pork. And compared to the traditional use of Belt Driven Separators, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars per month.

Features Include:

Projected Results

Primary Grinder: Processing 150,000 pounds per day

SPECO Bone Collector: Of the 150,000 lbs processed, 2% (3,000 lbs) are caught in the PIECO Bone Collection System and sent to the PIECO Reclaim Unit.

PIECO Reclaim Unit: Of that 2% (3,000 lbs) captured, 95% (2,850 lbs) are reclaimed and returned back to the finished product leaving only 5% (150lbs) of rejected bone and sinew waste.