Project Description

PIECO Reclaim


The PIECO Reclaim instantly reclaims beef, pork, and poultry from your main grinder’s bone collection system.

This is achieved by separating the desired product from the undesired particles and returns the desired product back to the original batch, while maintaining the size and definition of the product produced by the main grinder.

A Patented Method
Unlike previous reclaim methods in the meat processing industry, the PIECO Reclaim is designed to reduce pressure on the product.

This patented method of reclaiming greatly reduces the potential for bacteria growth and cross-contamination of batches and products, while providing a high quality ground product over a wide range of final product choices.

With PIECO Reclaim, there is no need for additional handling of product. This reduces labor costs and saves your operation valuable time and money.

Customized to Your Processes
Our reclaim process is not one-size-fits-all. With the large range of compatible grinders (see list below), feed screw rates, and bone collection systems in the industry, PIECO understands that each Reclaim System needs to be custom designed and custom fit to your facility’s processes and grind system rates to maximize quality.

To find out more about the PIECO Reclaim or to schedule a demonstration, contact PIECO today at 800-334-3929.

Projected Results

Primary Grinder: Processing 150,000 pounds per day

SPECO Bone Collector: Of the 150,000 lbs processed, 2% (3,000 lbs) are caught in the PIECO Bone Collection System and sent to the PIECO Reclaim Unit.

PIECO Reclaim Unit: Of that 2% (3,000 lbs) captured, 95% (2,850 lbs) are reclaimed and returned back to the finished product leaving only 5% (150lbs) of rejected bone and sinew waste.