Safe Torque Ring™

We designed the PIECO STR Safe Torque Ring to aid workers in commercial meat processing with the tightening and removal of the retaining ring that threads onto the meat grinder barrel. All your staff needs to do is operate a rechargeable handheld torque wrench and let the drive mechanism do the hard work. The PIECO STR includes a Ring Support Trolley that’s rugged enough to suspend and safely handle the entire assembly.

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Stainless Steel
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Safe Torque Ring


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Sanitation Design
pieco safety str icon operator safety
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Sanitary Work
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Reduction in
Plate Plugging
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Up to 16"
Diameter Plates
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Fast Setup
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Product Quality
& Consistency
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STR Kit Components

STR Trolley System

STR & Trolley System

Built to survive tough environments with high quality stainless steel components.

STR Cart

Tool Cart

Keeping your tools safe and efficiently by your side with our stainless steel tool cart.


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