Speco Meat Grinding Plates, Mincer Plates & Knives

Did you know PIECO is one of the largest worldwide dealers of Speco meat grinding plates, mincer plates and knives? For 30 years, we’ve worked together to bring our customers the finest meat grinder/mincer plates and knives in the industry. Speco products are built with premium grade materials and state-of-the-art techniques. Paired up, PIECO and Speco have over 100 years of experience in listening to and helping our customers meet their competitive edge. Let us help you.

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Speco Meat Industry Plates and Knives


Centering Pins
OEM #Speco #Description
N/A1047018AU Centering Pin
N/A106697ZA6 Centering Pin
N/A105998801A Centering Pin
N/A1062046AX Centering Pin
OEM #Speco #Description
N/A105942801 Holder w/ Blades
N/A111441801 Holder SS w/ Blades
OEM #Speco #Description
N/A104912801 Blades (BOX OF 36)
OEM #Speco #Description
N/A102782600 Triumph 1/16″ MXP Rec Holes
N/A104336600 Triumph 5/64″ MXP Rec Holes
N/A104096600 Triumph 3/32″ Holes
N/A103121600 Triumph 7/64″ Holes
N/A102559600 Triumph 1/8″ Holes
N/A106584600 Triumph #29 Holes
N/A104606600 Triumph 9/64″ Holes
N/A107120600 Triumph 5/32″ Holes
N/A104644600 Triumph 3/16″ Holes
N/A105602600 Triumph 13/64″ Holes
N/A104726600 Triumph 7/32″ Holes
N/A105245600 Triumph 1/4″ Holes
N/A105996600 Triumph 5/16″ Holes
N/A103284600 Triumph 3/8″ Holes
N/A102924600 Triumph 7/16″ Holes
N/A104030600 Triumph 1/2″ Holes
N/A103903600 Triumph 5/8″ Holes
N/A102064600 Triumph 3/4″ Holes
N/A108666600 Triumph 7/8″ Holes
N/A106688600 Triumph 1″ Holes
N/A102065600 Triumph 1-1/4″ Holes
N/A102451600 Triumph 1-3/8″ Holes
N/A104876600 Triumph 1-1/2″ Holes
N/A110013600 Triumph 1-3/4″ Holes
N/A106994600 Triumph 2″ Holes
N/A105815600 Triumph 2 Kidney Holes
N/A105941600 Triumph 3 Kidney Holes
N/A105566600 Triumph 4 Kidney Holes


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