Reclaim MXP – Max Production

Engineered to maintain quality and product definition under maximum production conditions, our PIECO Reclaim MXP maximizes the performance of the largest meat grinders in the industry. When paired with the proper 14” grinding plates, this system accelerates the particle separation rate of product passing through the reclaim to accommodate higher production volume from the main grinder.

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Mounts to
Main Grinder
Easy Assembly
pieco reclaim mxp with detail
Reduced Pressure
Reduced Pressure to
Retain Meat Quality
Reduced Bacteria
Reduced Bacterial
Growth & Product
Reduced Handling
Reduced Handling
of Product Saves
Time & Money
Custom Design Fit
Custom Designed & Fit
to Your Processes &
Grind System Rates

How it Works

Reclaim GP Illustration

Weights and yield returns may vary depending on types of products and lean points of products being processed.

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