Project Description

Max Production

For Maximum Output

Engineered to maintain quality and product definition under maximum production conditions.

Designed to maximize the performance of the largest meat grinders in the industry, our PIECO Reclaim MXP is up to the task. When paired with the proper 14” grinding plates, this system accelerates the particle separation rate of product passing through the reclaim to accommodate higher production volume from the main grinder.

PIECO Reclaim red meat grind

Features Include:

Projected Results

Primary Grinder: Processing 150,000 pounds per day

SPECO Bone Collector: Of the 150,000 lbs processed, 2% (3,000 lbs) are caught in the PIECO Bone Collection System and sent to the PIECO Reclaim Unit.

PIECO Reclaim Unit: Of that 2% (3,000 lbs) captured, 95% (2,850 lbs) are reclaimed and returned back to the finished product leaving only 5% (150lbs) of rejected bone and sinew waste.